Make Your Money Grow, Faster - Safely and Securely

Two Ways To Invest

Fractional Mortgages

Fractional Mortgages are where you invest in a portion of that mortgage, say 20% or 50%. This allows you to diversify your investment among multiple mortgages.

Whole Mortgages

Whole mortgages are where you invest in the entire mortgage. You are the sole lender and retain 100% control over that mortgage. Our mortgage sizes will typically range from $30,000 to $3,000,000.

Get Started

1. Register

Register to become a Benevolent Bancorp Investor. It only takes a few minutes!

2. Preview

Preview the Mortgages available on our website (SEE “Offerings”) and select the investments based on the criteria that are important to you.

3. Select

You may select from:

-- Newly originated mortgages in which you fund directly into escrow and then close.

-- Recently originated mortgages that have funded, closed escrow and are available for purchase.

-- Seasoned mortgages with a payment history.

4. Pledge

Pledge the whole or a fraction of the dollar amount that you are comfortable

5. Review

Transparency is one of the hallmark features of Benevolent Bancorp. Once you have pledged your investment we will provide secure access to the mortgage file so you can conduct your own due diligence review. You are encouraged to review the mortgage file with your trusted advisor and ask us any question freely.

6. Funding

When all the underwriting conditions have been met and the mortgagor has signed, the investment status will change to “Funding Now” at which point the investor(s) will be notified, along with wire instructions for wiring funds into the escrow account of Lawyer.

7. Closing

When all pledged funds are received in an escrow, along with signed lender and borrower documents, we are ready to close. At closing the Mortgage is recorded against the title of the borrower’s property, in the name of investor(s). Your investment is secured by the recorded mortgage. After recording the funds are released from escrow to the borrower. For mortgages that have already closed and those that are seasoned all pledged funds are deposited into an assignment escrow. The mortgage is then assigned to the new owner(s) and assignment recorded. After recording the funds are released from the assignment escrow to the seller(s) of the mortgage.

8. Distributions

Once escrow has closed, the mortgagor will make the payments directly to the investor(s) unless a servicing arrangement has been made. The interest payments can go directly into your bank account or as in most cases, the borrower will write you twelve post-dated cheques for the monthly payments.

9. Reinvest

When the borrower is ready to pay off their mortgage, a final interest payment, if any, will be made to you along with your remaining principal balance. Your capital is then ready to reinvest.


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    If you want to become financially independent and add to your family financial security, then you got to get into an investment that does not fluctuate with market and gives you a double digit return, safely. You got to put your money to work; make your money make money for you and make you investment grow faster.


    Benevolent Bancorp takes all the mystery out of the mortgage investment and makes it Easy, Simple and Accessible to ALL! It is up to you to take action. And without action only one thing happens: Nothing!