5 Mortgage Tips to Help You Buy a Home In Surrey

Buying a home is not an easy thing to do. The thought alone can feel overwhelming and the market can make this seem like an impossible goal to achieve. Purchasing a home is a very big investment but as challenging as it may seem, there are ways of turning this dream into a reality and […]


Best Mortgaeg Rates - Private Mortgage

HOW TO GET THE BEST MORTGAGE RATE Jeet Singh   Just like any other shopping, finding the best mortgage rate for yourself in Surrey or Vancouver or for that matter anywhere in BC, Canada, takes shopping skills, good judgment, time, and tenacity. First thing is to determine whether you qualify for a Bank Mortgage, Alt-A […]

How To Pick The Best Private Mortgage

If you have been declined by your bank and also by an Alt-A Bank or a “B” Bank, then your best option is to get a private mortgage. What is a private mortgage? A private mortgage is a mortgage provided either by a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) in Canada or by a private individual investor. […]

What Is a Second Mortgage in Vancouver?

What Is a Second Mortgage in Vancouver?

When you buy a home and let’s say you put 20% down and borrow 80% mortgage. That mortgage is called a first mortgage as it is in the first position on the title of your property.

Stress Test – How does it affect you.

What goes up must come down! By the same token, what goes down must come up! After almost a decade of warning and keeping the rates same for last 7 years, the Bank of Canada has finally started to hike its Benchmark Interest Rate and as of September 2018, the Bank of Canada’s Benchmark Rate […]

Documents Required For a Mortgage Application

What kind of supporting documents does the bank require for a mortgage application? The list of the supporting documents for a mortgage application varies a little bit depending upon what kind of borrower you are. Are you a salaried person? If so, then the list of documents required is pretty standard. But if you are […]