Experience That Matters

The dictionary meaning of Benevolent is: Well meaning and kind. Big-hearted, helpful, just and fair, public-spirited, giving, caring, warm-hearted, philanthropic, humanitarian, bountiful, compassionate, having a disposition to do good, etc. Likewise, Benevolent Bancorp stands for all that is good.

Benevolent Bancorp was started keeping “what is good for all” in mind. Benevolent Bancorp’s goal is to help its clients flourish and we are so very proud of our goal. Each and every human being who is working hard and working honestly deserves to flourish and enjoy the best the life has to offer.

On the lending side, we secure the least expensive mortgages and loans at the best possible terms for our borrowers. 

On the investment side, we assist mortgage investors to invest safely in mortgages at a decent return. When we get a new mortgage funding request, the first thing we look for is how safe is the investment. Once we are convinced that our investment is safe, only then we ask what the return is and only then we submit it to an investor for his or her consideration. We never lose a good investment opportunity because of the return.

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.

Dalai Lama